So you want to play sport in the United States but you don't know where to begin to make it happen - that's OK because it's actually a relatively involved process and that's what we're here to help with.  What most people do not know is that playing sport at NCAA level in the United States is a full four year process of preparation right from grade 9 so the sooner you get onto your pathway, the easier it will be.

And it's not just the academic preparation that you need to consider - there are visa requirements, travel arrangements and local orientation, right down to the airports you'll be flying into.  Never been to Dallas-Forth Worth International before?  No problem, we'll prepare you so that moving around is a breeze.  Want to know the difference between flying into La Guardia or JFK? We can help.  In fact no matter which airports you would be using on your journey, chances are we've been to them before so we're happy to pass on our knowledge.  

But it doesn't end there.  Where are you staying when you arrive?  If you are going to college then you will need to find campus accommodation and don't forget insurance - there's no Medicare in the United States so you'll need the right level of insurance cover for your stay.  And the list doesn't end there so what at first might seem like a simple process is actually very complex. 

Whether you are doing it yourself and just want to be pointed in the right direction or you want us to be alongside you during the whole process, we have packages to suit your needs.  Please select from the links from our "Services" menu above for more information about your chosen path.