I'm really good at my sport.  All I need to do is put some film together and I'll get a scholarship right?

No, it doesn't work that way - it isn't like the movies.  The NCAA is very strict on academic standards and the focus is on the student, not the athlete.  There are rigorous pre-requisites that need to be met and no matter how talented you are, if those standards aren't met then you will not qualify to receive academic assistance (ie. a scholarship).  You want to watch a movie that is closer to real life?  Find a copy of Coach Carter.  The reason he pushes his players academically is because without the grades, even the most talented athlete cannot receive a scholarship - it is against NCAA regulations. 

I want to play Division I or Division II college sports.  When do I need to start planning?

You need to begin your preparations for playing sport at NCAA level in year 9.  The NCAA requires you to complete 16 core courses in math, science, English and social science during your secondary schooling.  Playing sport at NCAA level is not just about having athletic ability - the NCAA is all about student-athletes, with an emphasis on the "student" part.  You will be going to University to study and also play sport, not the other way around.  

You will need to begin making contact with colleges around year 10 and start sending video in order to get onto their recruiting radar.  Coaches cannot contact you this early but you can contact them and if you are on the recruiting board, colleges will then begin sending you initial questionnaires as soon as NCAA rules permit contact, which will be late year 10/early year 11.

I've finished year 9 but haven't started year 10 yet.  Is it too late?

No, but we need to do a late-starter evaluation of where you are at academically and plan a pathway.  You may have to do a catch-up course or two but we can get you on track. 

I've already started year 10.  Is it too late?

Not necessarily but a lot depends on the courses you are taking.  We need to do a late-starter evaluation of where you are at academically - if you are enrolled in level 3 (or equivalent) subjects, you might already be on track

I'm in year 11.  Is it too late?

You are cutting it very fine.   We would need to do a late-starter evaluation of where you are at academically as a matter of priority.  If you have been taking level 3 (or equivalent) subjects AND performing well in them since year 9 then you may still be on track.  We need to get moving though because year 11 is an important one where you first register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and it is also when you sit your SAT.  

I'm in year 12.  Is it too late?

Most likely yes.  If you have been taking level 3 (or equivalent) subjects AND performing well in them since year 9 then you may still be on track but depending on the time of year, you might have missed some of the deadlines around recruiting and sitting the SAT.  We can do a late-starter evaluation but if it's later than April then we wouldn't even take your money because the chances of you having a viable pathway to a scholarship are minimal.  Your dream of playing sport in the USA is by no means dead though - you will just have to take a different path and we'd encourage you to contact us to discuss the options.  It may be a case that Junior CollegeNAIA or Division III are options to consider.

Do I get to choose the college I go to?

We can certainly make efforts to get you into your colleges of choice but there is no guarantee.  The more prestigious the school's sporting legacy, the more competition there will be for places so we need you to be realistic in your goals.  Unless you are really REALLY good, it is unlikely that you will play basketball for Duke or football for Alabama.  We will discuss all of this with you and your parents during the early stages of our engagement.  

If I engage your services, am I guaranteed a placement?

We will try our very best to get you placed at a college and we will keep trying to secure you a scholarship for the duration of the recruiting period.  This is what we do and we will leave no stone unturned but ultimately, only around 2% of American high school athletes will receive a scholarship to attend college so you need to appreciate that there will be times when we are unable to secure a placement.  That's not going to stop us from trying our best though.


Will I have to fly to the USA for a tryout?

If you are trying to play Division I NCAA sport, you will most likely need to attend the campus of any school that is interested in offering you a scholarship.  This may also be the case for Division II however it is not a requirement if you are wanting to play high school sport.

If I get successfully placed, do you assist with relocation?

We can point you to all the right people to assist with your relocation but we do not make any travel arrangements or such for you.  You will be responsible for relocating yourself and/or your family but we will be there as support along the way for any questions you may have or assistance you may need.

I participate in a lesser-recognised sport.  Can you help?

Most certainly.  There's a heap of different sports played throughout the US school system so if you play lacrosse, field hockey, water polo, or if you are a track and field athlete, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do to help.  

I want to play pro.  Do you offer services to pro athletes?

No.  The NCAA has very strict regulations relating to amateurism and it is vital that any student-athlete using our services is free from any association with any organisation that provides services to pro athletes.  

Can you direct me to an organisation that offers services to pro athletes?

Sorry, but no.  We do not want to even create an impression that we may be in partnership with pro agents so you will have to do that searching on your own.