Division III College

If you do not qualify for NCAA eligibility, your dream of playing college sport in the United States is not over – it just lies on a different path.  That path may be Division III sports.  Playing for a Division III college does not require student-athletes to meet the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements in the same manner as playing for a Division I or II college because Division III colleges are more student-focused rather than sport orientated, with practice schedules and gameday travelling arrangements far more suited to academic lifestyle. 

With over 400 Division III colleges playing NCAA sport, it is the largest NCAA division both in number of schools and total participants.  If you think that Division III might be for you, we encourage you to contact us with any questions that you might have and together we can see if there is a viable pathway for you. 

The NCAA Division III College Placement program is one of our full-service offerings where we take a lead role in securing you a position at a Division III NCAA school.  In this program, we will be with you every step of the way and will be marketing you to potential teams as well as ensuring that all of your academic standards for entry into your college of choice are up to speed.  


Our Division III Placement Program includes the following activities:

  • Full calendar of upcoming milestones;
  • Compilation of game footage for scouts (if no game footage exists, we will organise for someone to attend your games and produce some);
  • Minimum athletic metrics that should be met for your specific sport in order for you to be considered by a scout;
  • Minimum athletic metrics that should be met for your specific position;
  • Drills that you will be required to perform to demonstrate your athletic ability to college scouts;
  • Tips on how to maximise your results in the key drills;
  • Compile video of drill and key skill demonstrations for scouts (we can organise filming of this at no additional cost if you wish);
  • Production of key attributes and stats sheet for distribution to scouts;
  • Assistance with the completion of your Amateurism Declaration;
  • Promotion of you to colleges that are the best fit for your athletic skill set and educational goals;
  • Liaison with prospective colleges regarding the coverage of any potential athletics financial aid to ensure that any out-of-pockets for you are known in advance;
  • Access to our Program Director through the entire process to provide any assistance required or answer any questions that you may have;
  • Assistance with the associated university application process.
  • If successfully placed, assistance for you and your parents with signing your National Letter of Intent;
  • Assistance with your transition into the United States college system.

For the associated fee, please visit our fees page.